Is Network Marketing a good career?

Network Marketing

This is a question that crosses everyone’s mind. Is it good to invest in Network Marketing? Will it profit me? And the list of questions doesn’t seem to end anytime soon. These questions can haunt you if you don’t have the right answers to it.

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Let’s get started –

Now, Networking Marketing can be a great career and cannot be a great career for some, it depends on the efforts you put, how you set your goals, and how you implement your actions. The result is a combination of all the factors included.

Some of the factors that can help you in making it a good career for yourself include –

  1. Efforts that you make -
    Many people think that network marketing is very easy to make money very quickly. So, after months of seeing no results, they either quit or become inactive. They stop putting in the little efforts that they used to. They start thinking that this is a waste of time and start telling people not to invest in it because they did not have a good experience. They think it is a scam and there is no profit that can be made by this type of marketing. It is important to know that just like any other business, it requires efforts and time over the years to see good results. If you cannot invest your time and efforts, then this is not a good career option for you.

  2. Find the Right Company for yourself -
    There are tons of MLM companies waiting for you to invest in them and become a distributor. But you have to be wise. Take your time and research about each company and see which company has the best policy that suits you. Don’t jump from one network marketing to another. Spend some time and grow your business there. You should check the company’s factors like –
    (i) About the company’s product and services
    (ii) What policies it has to promote your success
    (iii) Quality of the marketing
    (iv) Any hidden costs
    (v) Compensation Plan
    (vi) Legal issue
    (vii) Compliance issue
    Base your conclusion on evidence and not on people. There will be hardly any MLM company that has only positive reviews. Always research on your own and then invest.

  3. Patience -
    You need to have patience if you start your network marketing company. There will be months of no money and there is no guarantee that you will earn good money. The business might not produce any earnings for at least a year. You need to be prepared whatsoever. It can be draining and exhausting. You should be patient and keep working hard to earn good money. Till then you need to manage your money carefully.

  4. Spend your earnings wisely -
    When you earn money from the MLM business, the company might ask you to invest all of the profit back in the business to earn more of it. On the one hand, it is a good idea to invest your money and earn profit made by it but on the other hand, it is not recommended to put all your earnings back to the company. It is advisable that you keep some of it to yourself. There are a lot of people who have spent their entire money back on the company and have completely dried themselves out. Invest accordingly to the results it will give you. Don’t fall for traps. Use your brain.


It can be a good career option for you if you build a team of hard-working individuals who are ready to invest their time and put in the required efforts to see the positive growth of the company. Having said that, it has its own downfalls, the one is thinking that it has easy money but realizing later that it doesn’t.



If you are ready to invest your time and put in efforts then it is a good option for you, else it is better to look somewhere else for the opportunities.


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